Skewed Image using Canvas
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I am using the web server with RR 2.47.16. Attached is the slightly modified index.html file and the robo file I am using. The HTML is tweaked just a little from the index_alt for use with an Android tablet. In general the file works okay except with the attached robo file. The same problem occurs with the Android browser and on a PC with IE and Chrome.

The web server is setup to display the "current" image. Nothing else special about the server setup.

The robo file creates a canvas that is larger than the source image. This is to provide space for displaying variables outside of the image.

When the current image is from the Visual_Anchor (prior to the canvas) the image on the web page is fine. When 'canvas' or any following images are the current image the image is skewed to the left.

Any suggestions on how to unskew the image?

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