Interfacing Problem
MaizeBlueGold  [4 posts]
11 year
Dear STeven,

Thanks for your generous help. We've some urgent questions about Interfacing between RoboRealm (RR) and LabVIEW (LV), in which I've been using API for communication thus far. From LV, we only need to access a selected few modules in a robo file and make changes to the module settings and monitor the updates in real-time, similar to the ones in changing RR module settings. We were thinking of saving and loading image from RR to LV and then update the images when "save" button is pressed in LV, but we won't be able to see updates in real-time. We appreciate the easiest and quickest possible solution.

We also need to send several Blob_Count in different parts of a robo file to LV. Is it advisable to use socket communication to send Blob_Count over while API is in used? Is it advisable for us to create custom variables or module parameters (If yes, how)? Kindly advice a convenient way to send them over (either separately or in bulk). Thanks.

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