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Technology Robotix Society is proud to present ROBOTIX 2013, its annual technological extravaganza, to be held during 1 – 4 February,2013 as a part of Kshitij, the annual Techno-Management Fest of IIT Kharagpur. With a wide array of challenging and innovative problem statements designed to test your robot building and programming skills to the fullest, and a substantial bounty up for grabs, this year's edition is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever before. Are you up for the challenge?

OVERHAUL - An unknown unforgiving terrain lies ahead. Victims are stranded at various sites all around. Their only chance of survival is if your robot can rescue them and make it across without falling prey to the clutches of disaster.

ABYSS - A menacing chasm with helpless people trapped down under. Do you think you have the ability to create a manual robot which can save them? Then get ready to take the plunge!

ACROSS - In this autonomous event, the robots have to collaborate and communicate among themselves, with one robot being a temporary bridge for the other, and prove that no gap is too difficult to cross!

LUMOS - Light. That most blessed of things. All humans naturally crave light. It is time our robots felt the same way. It is time for another breed of autonomous robotics events. No more lines or walls or objects. Now they must follow the light!

MARAUDER’S MAP - The legendary Marauder is faced with a mighty challenge. The wealth of an entire kingdom lies before him – cities just waiting to be looted. You must draw upon all your coding skills to help the Marauder walk away with the largest bounty he can.

SEEKER - Autonomous navigation through visual signs is downright remarkable. And that is what our Image Processing event calls upon you to do. Create a robot that can understand signs and symbols to make its way around an indoor environment, before finally finding its way out!

Log on to our website, www.robotix.in for details of our events, tutorials and other general resources on robotics and to stay updated on developments. We would love to help you with any doubts you may have, just post them on our forum(www.robotix.in/forum) and keep connected with the awesome world of ROBOTIX.

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