Parts recognition and output
Deva from Indonesia  [1 posts]
11 year
I have a project but do know where to start.

1. I need camera to recognize the parts ( about 4 to 10, it is same parts) in PRESENCE and POSITION, learn them and save them.
2. Next process Camera will detect for PRESENCE / ABSENCE and POSITION of those parts. If image not same like above saved then will giving signal to COM1 port. I will use Arduino for handle output from COM1.

Thanks for help.
Anonymous 11 year

First thing to do is to get some images to practice with. You will need to take a good set that will become the templates or images that are learned from. Then you will have to take a couple images that are test images to see if the system can recognize them. Ideally these images are as close as possible to the final setup.

Once you have those images you can start playing around with the numerous recognition modules (shape matching, object recognition, AVM, etc.) or post them to this forum and ask us to recommend which one would work best.


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