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Scott from United States  [1 posts]
10 years
I am running roborealm,  iRobot Create, BAM, and bluetooth.  I tried using the iRobot_Create_example.robo script.  I can run the demos so I know I'm connecting to the iRobot successfully.  However, nothing happens when I use the cursor keys.  What am I missing?  There were no instructions with the iRobot_Create_example.robo.  I'm guessing I am missing an option setting.  I tried setting the Open Interface Mode to Safe and Full and no success.

Anonymous 10 years

Looks like that robofile was a bit old and was missing the keyboard_read module (renamed from just keyboard a while back). I've corrected that robofile and put in an upgrade request within RoboRealm that will autocorrect this in other robofiles in the next version.

You should be able to download this file again from the site and now see the keyboard module within RoboRealm.



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