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Danh from United States  [79 posts]
12 year
Here's a home robot I've been building. Will eventually use Roborealm for playing Connect4 and object recognition. It was entered into an Instructables contest sponsored by Jack Daniel's! This is the future ...


Anonymous 12 year
Very cool! I hope you do well in the contest!

Danh from United States  [79 posts] 12 year
Thanks Steven. I'm not betting on winning the contest but it did force me to accelerate my prototype completion. I also learned how to edit HD video.

At some point after the hardware design is finished, it's then all about the software. I will be designing a gripper with a small Microsoft webcam  built in for objection recognition applications using the recognition in Roborealm.

Skype control will also be a critical part of controlling the bot remotely using a proven video chat system with low latency. Here's a cool bot that is based on Skype. You should consider integrating Skype  into Roborealm because telepresence and control is a killer application in my mind:

Anonymous 12 year
Wow, thanks Danh, great link. Although I was a bit worried that the little robot might drive itself off the table... especially that part when he was in the pub drinking with his friends. Easy to lose your sense of direction, and then ... splat!

But it has got me thinking about using Skype with my project. That really might be an interesting avenue for a Roborealm integration. Something to think about Steven?

Alan Coggins from Australia  [32 posts] 12 year
Sorry... didn't mean to be anonymous. Previous post was from Alan in Australia!
Danh from United States  [79 posts] 12 year

One big advantage of Skype is the ability to establish a video link without the need to mess with router settings. Messing with a router would be a huge effort for someone non technical like my mom. Even better, Skype has a mechanism for transmitting data through the same link (ie: Chat text) that could be used for passing robot control messages. However,  I think the Botiful robot actually uses a separate app for the data link that overlays the UI over the Skype window. Might have to do with restrictions Skype has placed on creating apps for mobile devices.

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