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Wilfredo Molina from United States  [13 posts]
10 years
Hello. I just wanted to share one of my projects. I am building a soccer robot. So far, I can control the robot with high precision and speed via wireless. I am now developing the control system for his motion in the playground. It's a hard task. I have set a camera pointing from the top to the playground (a table) and I am using Roborealm software to detect and track the robot's movements. I am sending the X and Y coordinates of the robot to a microcontroller, where after some calculations, it send throttle commands (forward/reverse) and/or steering commands (left/right) to the robot. One of the first test will be for example: After establishing the location of the ball (X1,Y1), The robot will be capable of move from his current position (X2,Y2) to the ball (X1,Y1). So far, the robot has a proximity sensor to avoid obstacles. This is just the beginning, then will come other challenges to solve like how to find the goal and kick the ball.

I want to clarify that Roborealm is an amazing piece of software.

Here a link of a video of Willy controlled by a joystick. It's a Youtube video. I don't know if it is permitted here:

Alan Coggins from Australia  [32 posts] 10 years
Great project - thanks for the video. You really have got fine motor control there... very responsive. Look forward to seeing your soccer robot. I'm trying to do something similar but I am using an eBox (mini PC that runs XP) as the main unit which means I can control it wirelessly through the network using remote desktop. Much better range!

And yes, I agree, Roboarealm is amazing!


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