RoboRealm Crashes my Windows 7
Guanitta from United Kingdom  [1 posts]
11 year
I  recently downloaded the trial version of RoboRealm to my Windows 7 machine, however I have found that if I use the software for even a brief period of time, the software freezes and my machine then proceeds to crash. This has also happened on my laptop. Has anyone experienced this or is anyone aware of this being a known issue?
Anonymous 11 year

When you say "crash" do you mean the application just crashes or the entire machine crashes and you have to reboot?

If it is just the application, you should have been prompted with a crash upload option once you restarted the application. Please allow for that to be sent to us with as much information as you can permit (IMAGE, ROBOFILE) and include your email address so we can communicate back to you when the fix is up.

If you have already done this it is likely that a fix is already present on the website and you should download the most recent version. You can download the most recent version by going to Options Button->Download or using the original link that was sent to you.

You can also try starting up RR while holding the CTRL key which will tell RR not to connect to any cameras. The cameras are normally what cause RR to crash (drivers are sometimes just a little different than what we expect).


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