Detection of Cars and Motobikes
Sam from United Kingdom  [2 posts]
10 years
Hi everyone,

I'm just posting up ask you lot with the experiences what would be the best way of detecting cars and motorbikes on a live camera?

I've bought the software of which can i say is FANTASTIC. Dead easy to learn on etc Had a play with it last night and have try blob and canny etc and it's real good :D

All I want to do atm is be able to detect cars and a motorbikes on say a road. Later on going to expand it to find the distance of the car/bike.

So just asking what would be the best way to detect them (cars and bikes) what filter should i use, should i use shape or object recognition  etc


Anonymous 10 years

Certainly the easiest way is to detect motion from a static camera (using the movement module) and use that to isolate areas of change in the image. Counting those areas gives you a rough idea on how many cars are going by. Based on the relative size of those movement areas you can guess at car/bike/lorry.

Using shape or object recognition is harder for that task since there are many models of cars/bikes/etc. that you would have to train on ... which is possible but takes a lot more work.


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