Roborealm with Sound Module (MCU)
ronn0011  [73 posts]
11 year
Hi, I am trying to program sound module with MCU communicator, with case as followed in arduino
case 100: // play "0000.ad4"
              sendCommand(0x0000); //delay(3000);
case 101 : // play "0001.ad4"
case 102 : // play "0001.ad4"
case 103 : // play "0001.ad4"
    default : break;

However the respond in the sound module is not as expected, when clicking s, by right rr corresponding send value 100, it does send by monitoring the " Watch variable" it does send value at my keyboard however upon realising it goes to 0, so i assumed the value has been sent to arduino trigger the sound 1 which is

case 100: // play "0000.ad4"

however, my observation, i need to hold the 's' for 5 second in order the sound to be played, how do I improve on this so just by pressing 's' or other function key it will plays the sounds right away



I am also having issue on the roborealm freeze quite often so i can close it or do some adjustment I need to force closed with windows task manager


below is the robo files and arduino files

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