Sparkfun servo options
pablon from Poland  [11 posts]
12 year
Who knows how use this options for Sparkfun Andruino Mega? There is no info in help and documentation.

Anonymous 12 year

The documentation does not include these as we've not completed testing on this. The idea is that with encoders the Arduino module will change the output on the selected servos in order to compenstate for power changes (i.e. if you are going up a hill you need to increase power to stay at the same speed). The concept is that you specify the PID values (proportional is the easiest to start with) and select which servos you have your motors connected to. Then when you send a value to that servo the module will then change that value slightly based on the encoder values and the PID coefficients in order to maintain speed.

Again, this has not been sufficiently tested but hopefully you get the idea.

Note that with some high resolution encoders the Mega may not be able to keep up with the actual rate so watch your speed. This option is not available on the Arduino UNO/DUE/etc since they run at 1/2 the speed of the Mega and would not be able to keep up with high res encoders.

ronn0011  [73 posts] 12 year
Yes it makes sense, I used to try program the robot with the encoder (Low resolution, However the arduiono still cant really able to accurately measure the number of rotation accurately.

pablon from Poland  [11 posts] 12 year
It's clear.
Do you have any recommendations for encoders models? Which one has the best resolution and can be used with Andruino?
ronn0011  [73 posts] 12 year
May I know your application of the encoder? is it for the robotic navigation or for any other application
pablon from Poland  [11 posts] 12 year
I want to retrieve information about conveyor position. The robotic delta manipulator hangs over moving area.
Anonymous 12 year
This will depend on the number of ticks on the encoder per revolution, the speed of the Arduino (be sure to use Mega since that is 2x Uno speed), and the speed of the conveyor. We have been testing with


which seems to work at slow speed. Otherwise you'd need something much higher speed. Perhaps


which runs at 80mhz which is much faster than stock Arduino.


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