AVM object names
Carl from United States  [18 posts]
12 year
Can the object name given to AVM when learning an object be accessed
via a variable?  I saw where 1, 2, 3, etc were spoken in the example
script but these labels were supplied within the script rather than drawn
from AVM itself.
EDV  [328 posts] 12 year
Unfortunately but I can't transmit array of object names from AVM Navigator module through RoboRealm API for plugins (there is no appropriate method for string array).

And so we can define name of objects only outside of AVM Navigator module in VBScript program like in "Speak an Object's Name" example but can't get it directly from AVM module.
EDV  [328 posts] 12 year
Navigator package is updated now and you can download next modification of AVM Navigator v0.7.4.1 from your account link.

- NV_TRACKING_DEPTH - depth of object tracking
- NV_OBJ_ATTRIBUTES - attributes of recognized objects:
  bit 0 - show the marking of recognized objects by thin rectangle
  bit 1 - show the marking of generalized object by thick rectangle
  bit 2 - show the object name
  bit 3 - show the drawing of object trajectory
  bit 4 - show the point of object center
  bit 5 - show the additional training indication of an object
  bit 6 - show the common statistics (processing time of a current input image,
          total number of images that was memorized in AVM tree,
          similarity rate of recognized objects)
  bit 7 - switch off additional training of an object

- NV_ARR_OBJ_NAME - array of object names that were recognized

Also was added new dialog window that help to set “Aspect ratio of the interest area” on button “Set key image size (New)”.

So now you can get access to names of recognized objects via NV_ARR_OBJ_NAME variable.

For example:

objNameArray = GetArrayVariable("NV_ARR_OBJ_NAME")

nameStr = objNameArray(0)

Carl from United States  [18 posts] 12 year
Excellent!  Thanks much  :)
EDV  [328 posts] 11 year
Fun with AVM Navigator: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uywp5TNrZk

It's little demo of object recognition and learning from motion with helping of AVM Navigator.

All object rectangle coordinates are available in RoboRealm pipeline from external variables:
NV_ARR_OBJ_RECT_X - left-top corner X coordinate of recognized object
NV_ARR_OBJ_RECT_Y - left-top corner Y coordinate of recognized object
NV_ARR_OBJ_RECT_W - width of recognized object
NV_ARR_OBJ_RECT_H - height of recognized object

So you can use it in your VBScript program.
Carl from United States  [18 posts] 11 year
Sweet!  Looking forward to experimenting with it, nice work :)
Alan Coggins from Australia  [32 posts] 11 year

I noticed in the youtube video that you jiggle the object (your face or the book) slightly during the learrning phase. Is this an advantage?


EDV  [328 posts] 11 year
In fact the AVM algorithm is not invariance to rotation and you should show the object for memorizing to AVM search tree under different angles during training for further correct recognition.

See also an example of using of Canny module as background for AVM Navigator:
Alan Coggins from Australia  [32 posts] 11 year
Thanks EDV, I'd been carefully trying to keep it as still as possible! Will take your advice in future.

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