Shape-->Circle Detection algorithm
Mohy  [1 posts]
17 year
I tested The shape Circle detection using roborealm and i observed that it was very fast and efficient  and
I tried to apply the same thing  in my application using c#  and  "hough transform"  algorithm to get the same result of the circle detection but it was very slow to run,
can any one tell me about the algorithm used in roborealm,or how to get benefits of the roborealm or of its attached DLL "FreeImage" to use it in my application ( c#) ..... please :(
RoboRealm API
17 year

You can use either the RoboRealm API or Extensions to interface your C# program to RoboRealm. Most people are more interested in the API than Extensions. It depends on who is the master program. If RR is controlling the show then use Extensions, if your program is then use the API. We have a C# example of how to use the API linked in the documentation area of this site. Have a look and download the API.zip file which will contain examples for multiple languages including C#.

Good luck!

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