Parallel port address questions...
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I have a question on what addresses the parallel port control uses. I have it working, but I'm not sure of the reason. It took some time to figure out what LPT setting to use in RoboRealm in relation to the resource setting in WinXP's control panel.  I spent a bit of time with a multimeter waiting to get some life out of a chopped off printer cable before looking for a better way.  There is a parallel port monitor in the screenshots which helped.

I think the RoboRealm LPT1 address is 0378, which was LPT2 on the computer (and it doesn't physically exist).

And LPT3 is 03BC, yes?    This turns out to be LPT1 on this computer and that does have a physical port.

Or I could be way off base on how this is supposed to work.  Just looking for some more light shed on how to methodically set up the control.


Parallel Port Address Issues
16 year
Hi Pete,

Yes, you are correct. These are the address ports that we are using for LPTx

  lpt1Data = 0x378
  lpt1Status = 0x379
  lpt1Control = 0x37a

  lpt2Data = 0x278
  lpt2Status = 0x279
  lpt2Control = 0x27a

  lpt3Data = 0x3bc
  lpt3Status = 0x3bd
  lpt3Control = 0x3be

It is normally assumed that the default is 0x378 for LPT1 ... at least that correlates to what we've found elsewhere. I have no idea why your setup has chosen to map those ports differently. Interesting nonetheless and a great piece of debugging on your part!

We will add the port address' to the documentation just in case someone has a similar issue.


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