multiple cameras with same name?
askener from Finland  [1 posts]
12 year
Trying to test multiple ps eye cameras,
but the camera list only shows one.. (with rr 2.44.12)

Searched the forums, but didnt find other solutions than,
- each camera is different type
- someone had used usb passive hubs (i tried in different usb ports and with hub..but it still lists just one "ps 3eye camera"..  in camera & mosaic list..)

any tips..?
Anonymous 12 year
That's probably a driver issue as RR is configured to rename cameras if they are the same type (we've tested this with Logitech cameras). Do you see both of them listed in any other software? Perhaps Skype?

Normally the driver for a camera will rename the second camera instance such that both appear ... but it is also possible that it does not and you're out of luck in use two cameras of the same brand. It ultimately depends on the camera's vendor.


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