detecting multiple balls with different colour
simon from Canada  [0 posts]
12 year
I'm trying to make a score keeping system for snooker. I'll need my system to detect different coloured balls at once and some how track their movement (in order to track ball collision). Just wondering how do I detect all the circles in my image and I'll need my system to be able to tell what colour of each ball.

I'm really new to roborealm, any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much

PS: I attached a image, it contains four different colour balls. I'll need to be able to tack them all at once AND tell the different colours. Just wondering if its possible.
Mayur from Canada  [3 posts] 12 year
Hi Simon!  Funny, I was actually looking at doing something like this recently and found roborealm and these forums!  I'm also in Canada!  Send me an email at mayur-at-fullmotiongroup-dot-com.  Maybe we can connect and share ideas and build something like that together.

Have a look at the blog comment to this article for the ideas I have: http://createdigitalmotion.com/2007/01/open-source-motion-tracking-with-multiblob-for-gridflowpd/

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