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Hey guys, running into another brick wall I can't see to figure out. I've got RoboRealm set to run on windows loading, however 99% of the time, RoboRealm comes up with an error saying it cannot run and I should find a solution (Typical Microsoft stuff)...but once this happens, I can double click the icon, and it loads up just fine, but the other issue is that all the settings I had set up (Load xxx.robo file, turn on webserver, etc etc), none of that is there, and I have to manually redo all of it.

Any hints to what is going on, is it a possible bug keeping it from running on boot? Thanks!

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What is happening is that RR is crashing on startup and when you attempt to start it again it will not load in any settings to prevent the crash again. This is something that the application does just in case a bad driver/etc. is causing a problem.

Most likely the initial crash is due to a camera driver not ready to start. What you can try to do is to delay the startup to give the camera a chance to complete its setup. (We've not come across this before but its the most likely cause).

To avoid this you can create a batch (.bat) file with

PING -n 1 -w 15000 >NUL

in it and save that as Delay_Startup.bat and reference that file in your startup folder instead of using RoboRealm's startup setting. This will delay the actual startup of RR for 15 seconds (15000 milli seconds) which should give the camera enough time to startup.

Hope this helps ...


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Not a bad idea! I'll give that a try. Strange thing is I'm not using any cameras on this run, but I've had cameras attached in the past, so I guess it still tries to access the camera drivers anyway? Or maybe Windows is trying to load the camera drivers and RR starts up too quickly as you say...

I'll give it a shot and report back!
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That seems to be working great! No idea why it'd be trying to init a camera without me running one, but I guess it remembers me running one in another file, but, it works, so that is good!

I really love the feature on the Serial output as well to only send when data has been updated AND to set a refresh rate at almost interval. Works really well for the arduino which struggles very badly with the serial reading....

Check out the whole build at www.raverover.com

Here's a couple videos to check out:


Thanks again guys for making an awesome product!

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