keep robot on lawn
billy from United States  [10 posts]
12 year
I'm working on an automated lawnmower. Plan was to use RF barrier to keep mower on the lawn and out of the pool. But now just discovered RoboRealm and have a quick question:

How small of an object can be recognized in terms if pixels? I'm thinking putting a camera on roof of house looking at yard and having RoboRealm tell mower when it is approaching the edge of the allowable territory. At the far end of the yard, the mower will only get a handful of pixels dedicated.

If I use a specific color, can it be detected in a handful of pixels?
Can I designated more than one color, like one for when in the sun and one for when in the shade?
James Dickinson from Australia  [49 posts] 12 year
My suggestion would be to put a high powered LED on the top of the mower that flashes in a specific pattern. you could then search for the light, which should be easily visible even if the mower is a few pixels wide.

otherwise providing you have obsolutely no other say red objects in your yard, you should be able to pick up the mower with a handful of pixels

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