Training objects with windows 7
Jared Thorlakson from Canada  [11 posts]
13 year
I just installed licenced RR on a netbook running Windows 7 Starter.  When I add an object with the OR module they don't show up in the folder.  When I click 'compatibility files' it finds them.  The 'train' button seems to find them okay, but the module doesn't seem to recognize anything.  The module worked fine on my desktop with the demo version.  I am using the RGB output from a kinect as my camera.  

Any suggestions how I can get OR to work?

Anonymous 13 year

It seems that the OR module on Win7 does run ok ... thus it may be an issue with the particular image that you are training on. Can you include that image here and indicate what area you are trying to train the module on? Most likely the specific technique you are using (feature, shape, etc) may not be getting enough information/texture/etc from the image and therefore is unable to recognize it in the current image. Having an image to test would help us determine if this is the issue or not.

Jared Thorlakson from Canada  [11 posts] 13 year
I've tried with several images: My face, a yellow ball, a hand.  Nothing seems to come up and occasionally when I try to train the module, it crashes.  I had the crashing problem on the other computer I was using too, although it detected the objects well. (I can't test using that computer now though, as I only had the trial version on it and it has expired.) The other computer was using a standard web-cam, though - not a kinect. (Running in RGB only mode)
Anonymous 13 year

We did some additional testing with this module and have corrected a couple items that may have caused your symptoms.

Try something planar first like a book cover and see if can recognize that. Remember that the default is Feature points which will work but not in all cases. You can experiment with the different techniques to see which works best. Keep in mind that the detection will fail if you rotate the book in the X and Y direction (pan and tilt).


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