Interface sugestions
Jared Thorlakson from Canada  [11 posts]
13 year
In the interface, it would be nice if you could add a .robo file as though it were a module - that way things could be compartmentalized and functionality could be added easier.

Also, it would be handy if modules could be copied and pasted.  Sometimes I want to do something like a 'set_variable' with similar values and it is a pain typing them all in again.

Just some things that occurred to me...
Scott Portocarrero from United States  [12 posts] 13 year
I second that!
Anonymous 13 year
We'll have to think how best to compartmentalize external robofiles and still make them editable within a higher level robofile. Its a good concept!

In the meantime, we added a Clone button (i.e. Copy and Immediate Paste) that should help with duplicating modules without needing to retype.


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