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Jared Thorlakson from Canada  [11 posts]
13 year
Are the drivers you suggest installing for the RR module compatible with OpenNI?  I can't seem to get my kinect to do anything useful.  I can't check if it is working in RR itself because my trial expired and I am waiting on pricing info to licence.  Just wondering if there is any way to know if I have the kinect working while I wait on that... and if I can have both openNI apps and RR using the kinect (at different times obviously.)
Anonymous 13 year

No, the module is not compatible with OpenNI ... and the last time we checked even having OpenNI installed seem to cause problems with the usb-libs. We are waiting for MS to launch their PC drivers for the Kinect to upgrade that module. This may take a couple months more before than happens as they have not released a launch date but have mentioned its release "later this spring" ... given summer is basically here I hope this means soon!

Not that OpenNI drivers don't work, we just figured it would be easier to wait for the official drivers rather than get another reverse engineered driver set to work with the Kinect module.

Plus, the Asus XtionPRO is out which is much better aimed at developers (that module will launch soon!).


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