Blackfin camera
13 year
Hello everyone!

I am considering purchasing RoboRealm, but first I need to know if it is compatible with the Surveyor SRV-1 Blackfin Camera. If so, will interfacing it be easy?

Anonymous 13 year
See http://www.roborealm.com/tutorial/Fun_with_Surveyor/slide010.php for some examples on working with the surveyor
Anonymous 13 year
Do you know if these projects will work if I only use the blackfin camera, not the whole robot(I will have a seperate microcontroller)
Anonymous 13 year
Assuming that you have the same code on the board that the SRV uses then the SRV modules should work. If you do not then you will have to write a gateway communication application that the MCU Communicator module can use. Or if you want something quick you can try using the Serial module and roll your own communication. It really depends on what is on the blackfin.

If you are just using the camera board and interfacing it to another MCU then you are on your own as the MCU will need to communicate to the camera and back to the PC. That will not work with any predone modules in RR but, again,  you can try using the serial module and roll your own.

If you are asking if the camera will work with another MCU other than provided in the SRV package ... we're not sure about that as we've never used the attached camera without the associated board.


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