lego nxt and AVM
CJ Wisse from Australia  [6 posts]
13 year
hi there its CJ again i was just wondering is there a way that the AVM plugin can control one motor say motorA so what i would like is instead of having treads to turn and centre the object i would like just motor A to move left and right to centre the object thanks in advance
EDV  [328 posts] 13 year
There is description of way for control of two running motors:

For one motor that turn camera to the left and right side you should use VBScript or CScript to make your own control program.

For example (VBScript):

MyTurretControl = GetVariable("MY_TURRET_CONTROL")
TurretLeft = GetVariable("NV_TURRET_LEFT")
TurretRight = GetVariable("NV_TURRET_RIGHT")

if TurretLeft = 1 then MyTurretControl = MyTurretControl - 1
if TurretRight = 1 then MyTurretControl = MyTurretControl + 1

SetVariable "MY_TURRET_CONTROL", MyTurretControl
EDV  [328 posts] 13 year
You should train AVM to some object in "Object recognition" mode and then switch to "Navigate mode" for activation of variables NV_TURRET_LEFT and NV_TURRET_RIGHT.

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