Hair Counting
gilbert vertiz from Mexico  [2 posts]
13 year
Hi, we need to be able to count the number of hairs on picture of a patch of skin, we would appreciate any ideas on how to approach this using RR.
Anonymous 13 year

You'll have to add an image to this post in order to get an answer. Otherwise the answer is quite simple ... start experimenting!

gilbert vertiz from Mexico  [2 posts] 13 year
Thanks Steve!
Here i posted a couple of tipical images we need to extract features from,if we could ask santaclaus the list would include number of hairs, lenght and thickness of each or in an average etc.
This software allows you to do such amazing things that we dare to bug you guys hoping santa gets to mexico city early this year!

Thanks Again!

Anonymous 13 year

Have a look at the attached robofile with those two images. Couple points:

- ideally the borders would not be cropped as some errors on the first image are caused by the border being a flat gray area.
- some of the hairs will overlap and cause bad statistics. See the upper left area of the second image where two hairs are combined into one.
- the count is not an issue, if the identification of hairs seems ok the length and thickness can be calculated from the fitted square (we can show you how to do that too).
- you can click on the bloblabel module to see if the hairs have been extracted correctly.


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