Puvan from Malaysia  [10 posts]
17 year
i have a problem with roborealm...
i need ur help on my project.
My project has two sensor and a camera...
i just dont how to receive the input of the sensor in roborealm....
i need an example on how to receive signal from the first sensor and then to start a dc motor(connected  parallel port).....and the motor to continue runs until the second sensor receive a signal and stop the motor.then if the camera receive a red image...the motor continue running...
i really need ur kind help in this...
Anonymous 17 year
Hi  puvan,

Please try to be more descriptive in what you are trying to do. What is your first and second sensor? Are they cameras? Are they IR detectors? What type of connection do they have? Do they connect directly to your Parallel port? Are they RS232?

Ho Puvan
17 year
hi puvan,

I am also from Malaysia and I am so glad to know someone nearby is experimenting w roborealm. Please contact me at the email id below, maybe we can discuss our projects over 'teh tarik'


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