Kinect Depth
Agustin Gudino from Spain  [2 posts]
12 year
Hi all,
I am using roborealm to do the following: measuring objects in its cube area for transport issues. (I dont know if you understand, excuse my english)
First of all I am using a simple web cam filter, get blobs, replace with minimal rectangle and get distance of 2 sides of it.
Now I'll use kinect but I dont know exactly how can I measure the distance with the depth color information. Do anyone have an example? I think there must be an algorithm or something to get the distance from the depth color image.
Guenter Wendel from Germany  [13 posts] 12 year
You can transform the DEPTH-RGB values to RAWdepth:

RAWdepth = G*256 + R      B is always 0;

To transform RAWdepth to meter by the following formula from Nicolas Burrus:

float raw_depth_to_meters(int raw_depth)
  if (raw_depth < 2047)
   return 1.0 / (raw_depth * -0.0030711016 + 3.3309495161);
  return 0;


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