RR API - getVariable() hangs
13 year
Hi STeven and everyone,

I am developing with the API example in c#.

I am calling getVariable() to receive a long message (around 5000 characters) and it never finishes reading. it sits in the loop in readMessage(). However, it took like a second to read a 1000-character message.

I also try to paste xml messages into command line window directly and it receives the 5000-char message very quickly.

What can I do to read the long message? Will using the script plugin to process the long variable first help?

Thank you in advance!
Anonymous 13 year
It looks like the C# API is limited to 4096 chars at a time. To fix this you should edit the Program.cs and replace all 4096 (~4 occurances) to some other higher number (say 16384 ... we like sticking with powers of 2 but you can pick any number). That should allow a 5000 char message to read in ok without getting chopped.

Anonymous 13 year
Awesome! Thank you. I should have found that.

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