my favorite roborealm
jaikrishnan from India  [1 posts]
13 year
I'm new to roborealm but its awesome and i'm more impressed the way it helps me in my project than opencv etc. But i'm having a doubt that
1-can we use roborealm in a windows mobile with 512mhz speed?
2-is there any cost reduction for students for this software?
3-did you provide this software for low cost to disabled people's welfare project?please reply sir
Anonymous 12 year

1. You probably will not be able to since windows mobile doesn't have the same libraries as WinXP, 2000, etc. There might be a possibility on a Win7 phone but we've not checked that out just yet.

2. Yes there is a discount for students. Please us the contact form to contact us if this applies to you.

3. Yes, we will provide the software at a discount for disabled people's welfare projects ... again, please us the contact form to contacts us outside of the forum to start that discussion.


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