Terry H. Ess from United States  [3 posts]
10 years
I am attempting to run the Trossen desktop movement tracking file with RoboRealm 2.32.0.  I does not track but places the camera in a strange place and stays there.  Looking at the variables visibile to the VBScript program, none of the COG variables are visible.  This would account for the strange behavior.  If I edit the Center of Gravity module I can see the COG variable but apparently they are not visible outside of the module.  Using the Display Variables module or the "get_all_variables" request from the API interface has the same result, the COG variables are not visible.  How are the COG variables made visible to other modules or the API interface?
Terry H. Ess from United States  [3 posts] 10 years
Ok, I figured it out.  Because the center of gravity calculation is based on a movement module, the COG variables go in and out of existance based on weither the current frame has any motion.  Had not expected this kind of behavior.
Anonymous 10 years
Yes, that's it. The COG variables would be absent if there is nothing in the screen that is non-black. So when the camera goes into a weird position try to show it a moving object and it should then activate the COG variables. If you click on the Movement module you will see the current processed image. If no movement is seen then either there isn't anything moving in the image or the movement thresholds are set to high for your particular camera.

Glad you figured it out!


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