Glare... Hardwood floors
Dave from Canada  [1 posts]
11 years
   I have just recently purchased Roborealm and began using it.. I am trying to use it for robot navigation.. So here is the scenario, on the main floor in my house I have hardwood floors, light colored walls and in the other area light colored tiles.. On the hardwood I get alot of glare from the lights and with this I am having difficulty using any of the object detection methods to 'detect objects' for avoidance.. If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated...
Anonymous 11 years

As you might expect this is a classical problem with any reflective surface and vision. What others have used in the past to reduce this issue is to purchase a cheap polarized sunglasses and put that filter in front of the camera. (Note they must be polarized) I've also heard of people using the polarized filters used in the 3D glasses in movie theaters as a filter too but we've not tried that one directly. The polarization will help to reduce the incident light that causes the reflections  ... but you will have to play with it for a bit.

Also, you can try posting some images here for reference as there might be something else that we can use to remove your reflections.


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