More Feedback on Kinect and XP
13 year

    Well, here is my situation. I have installed XP six times, XPMCE four times, yada, yada,yada.
     I have brought back the kinect units and gotten new ones.
     I have got someone to purchase on the other end of the globe and test it with XP before they sent it to me after working fine.
     I still have the same symptom:

I install the drivers fine.
The Kinect works fine for exactly ONE time.
After that, it doesn't work.
Except for win7 which works every single time.
I now know that it is NOT the Kinect unit. I believe it is some sort of incompatibility with my particular system. So, I am going to install it on another xp machine just to rule that out. I will keep you informed.

This was just for your own personal info.

Thanks for your help,

Anonymous 13 year
Well, I thought I would change the 4 gigs of ram before I changed to another computer. But, that did not make any difference.

Dave from United States  [1 posts] 13 year
You are wasting a lot of time doing random things like reinstalling the OS and swapping out RAM.  If it works with win 7 then it's not the ram and it's not the kinnect so no need testing those things in some other way.  The fact that it works on win7 and not on xp means you have some sort of configuration or driver problem.  Now what you need to do is see what the actual failure mode is.   "It doesn't work" is pretty vague and therefore not very helpful towards achieving resolution.   What are the failure symptoms and I mean detailed and exactly.  Then based on symptoms you can start checking things that could possibly produce those symptions and NOT try things that could not possibly produce those symptions.  You will chase your tail unless you adopt a scientific method toward debug.   Check all the obvious things first.  For example, does the device still appear in dev manager, etc.  Then move into things like reinstalling the driver or changing the config file should the driver have one.  But don't do anything unless you have some reason in mind why it makes sense to do.  For example, you could have said to yourself "maybe I can change the dram" but then you would have followed up with "nah, that CAN'T be the issue b/c bad RAM generally produces BSOD and also Win7 would crash if RAM is bad."  Kudos to your for not wanting to give up but you will do much much better and things will be more fun if you don't take any action without a good reason for it.  Doing so will actually make the problem more difficult to solve.  Good luck.
Danh from United States  [79 posts] 13 year

What kind of computer motherboard is this? I have WinXp Pro running on an HP Desktop and the Roborealm/Kinect works fine.

Your problem is probably USB interface\driver related. Are there any other USB devices on your system? For example: the Kinect won't work on my setup if I also have another USB Webcam streaming video. Also, try buying a reputable brand USB card with WinXP drivers and see if this makes a difference.
 [29 posts] 13 year
I've had problems with USB devices on (ALL) my AMD machine, but they work with INTEL based machines. Thanks for staying in the ring with this issue. Your efforts along with others will eventually find a solution to a more stable procedure/module.
You go Rocky!
Anonymous 13 year
This is a Quad core 9300 cpu. 2.5mhz SLI. Home built I forget the motherboard. It has an nvidia chipset and a video card that is an 8800GT.  It may be evga or msi.

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