"Internal Error- Could not access dll's name."
13 year

When I try to expand the functions in the Contents panel by clicking on the '+' symbols I get a dialog box with the error "Internal Error-Could not access dll's name." I am running RoboRealm eval version 2.30.3 on Windows XP Pro.

Examples are clicking on the "Adjust" or "Analysis"  '+' symbol.

Log file is attached.
Danh from United States  [79 posts] 13 year

RR eval version 2.30.3 fixed the dll error on my main computer but I still see the error on another debug computer running the same version. I noticed a difference in the interface shown on the 2 computers. Both computers run Win XP Pro. See attached GIF.


Anonymous 13 year

The issue of the missing + on the second computer is due to the new install. The top 3 items are populated based on what you've recently used and this is stored locally on the computer. Installing or reinstalling on another computer will cause these items to be blank and thus have no + next to them.

This is also seen if you hold down the CTRL key while starting RR. This causes RR to startup in a default configuration in case something is causing a problem on startup.

Thanks for the note! We did get the previous problem fixed about the dll warnings coming up fixed so thanks for pointing that out.


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