SV200 Module problem
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I am able to control the SV203 module from Pontech using the SERIAL RR modules and using scripting.

When using the SV200 RR module, correct baud, port, etc., the servo 'flinches' (very small and quick jerk) once when moving the associated slider bar. I'm using a USB to Serial converter cable since I don't have a dedicated serial port on the laptop. I think the data stream from the RR SV200 module may be corrupt or have a timing issue.
Any thoughts?
Anonymous 13 year

Do you have an example common snippet of data that you send using the serial connection? We can compare that with the protocol that the SV200 uses which based on what you are describing sounds a little different. It is probably close enough to be accepted by the SV203 but naturally without the right data.

For example we send


to center servo #1 on board #1 at 128 value. Is this about the same as what you've been sending?


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I am sending SV1M128<cr><lf> which works in Script.
The SV200 module does not work. Is the SV200 module sending the BD1?
I've not tried that in script. Can "BD1" be removed or a checkbox selection enable or even a dropdown to select the desired (BD) Board?

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