Using Roborealm to control robot working on OpenWRT Linux
Slava from Ukraine  [3 posts]
13 year

Thank you for developing such great program, wich gives robotbuilders the huge variety of possibilities.

I have built the wifi controlled robot (4x4 rover with Ip camera mounted) based on router Lynksis wrt54g and SSC-32 servocontroller. The operating system that flashed in the router is modified OpenWRT Linux.

The robot was built according to instructions published here: http://robostuff.com/diy-projects/routerbot/routerbot-v1/

Now I am trying to communicate with robot using Roborealm. Roborealm successfully recognized wireless mounted ip camera chained with the router.

With the help of Roborealm it would be great for instance to track the color balls or find paths autonomously.

And THE MaIN question is how to interact Roborealm with operating system built in robot (router) and how to send variables into commands. I tried to explore the "Execute_program" module, but couldnt' understand how to do and whether it helps to resolve the issue.

I use the special developed webinterface to operate the robot from the computer or Putty to issue commands directly from the console on PC to the router.

Could you please help me to deal with this or just give me a hint how to deal. I believe that Roborealm is compatible and I can operate my robot using this software. I'd like to purchase Roborealm after the trial expires in case of success results.

The operating system files are in attachment if you need.

Thank you very much!

Anonymous 13 year

It seems that the web interface can be emulated using the HTTP module. Have you tried to use the HTTP module and enter in


and then use a SetVariable to set

action = turn left90

and see what happens? From there you can set the action to the other commands in the index.html file that are sent to Javascript to execute.

Slava from Ukraine  [3 posts] 13 year
Hi, Steven!

Thank you so much! However I do not understend how to send to HTTP different commands at once. You described me the way how to send one command "action" but if I want set <action> to <turn left90> and <action1> to <turn right90>, and <action2> to <go forward> etc, what I have to do & what I have to write in http address window? Maybe I am a noob, but I tried various ways and read manual and no result.

Thank you so much for help!
Waiting for reply,
Anonymous 13 year

Attached below is a robofile that implements a very simple "finite state machine" which is a complex way of saying that it executes a sequence of steps one after another.

The technique is to issue a single url http command, wait for some period of time and then execute another url command. If you look in the VBScript file you will see that it is configured for 3 steps with 1000 being a 1 second delay. So the current setup is to turn left for 1 second, turn right for 1 second and then move forward for 5 seconds.

To get this running you will have to update the VBScript file with the correct url IP address and you must PRESS THE GREEN START button in the button interface in order to start the sequence. Most likely you will want to add a STOP command to that VBScript sequence to avoid having the bot continue moving. You should be able to add the commands to the array by specifying another entry (in this case the 4th entry) and keep adding to that array. Don't forget to update the timing array too.

Hope this helps ...


Slava from Ukraine  [3 posts] 13 year
Thank you, STeven, so much!

I am trying to implement it now and give you feedback when complete.


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