Flakey Kinect
Mel Addison  [42 posts]
13 year

   Things are looking really good now.  I seem to have a small problem.  When it works, it works so good. Everything works. But it is only one out of 10 times that I start it up that it works.
    I need to determind if it is my hardware or software.  I need to know whether to return the Kinect for another machine. But, I don't think it was the hardware because the CL software worked every time. The RR software works great and then the next 9 or 10 times I start it, it doesn't come up. Well, it comes up, but a black screen.    This is only feedback. This is NOT a complaint. You have been above and beyond the call of duty.

Thanks, I think we are almost there.
Mel Addison  [42 posts] 13 year
   I hate to be a pest. Last night late this was working so great. I was so happy. It got flakey. Then now, I can't get it to work at all.  Since it worked 100% with the CL software that  I removed, I am guessing my hardware is ok. But, what do you think? I have installed RR over and over and over. on and off, it worked about 4 times today out of about 40 tries.

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