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Vnik from Colombia  [13 posts]
13 year

In the project im doing right now I have a ´testbed´, a 'field´ that is made with straw carton and that I painted with black vinyl.

My question is: what is the best kind of paint in order to have better results with the image processing? which kind of paint gives less noise? I have a static over head video camera from Logitech and I use it at 640x480, RGB24. I use only RGB filters for the three primary colors.

I know this would sounds like a stupid question but I guess the kind of paint should influence the processing, due light noise, hue, contrast... etc..

Thanks a lot in advance.
Anonymous 13 year

Ideally you would use a non-glossy paint, i.e. one that does NOT reflect light well and appears as a matte surface. Reflections are tricky to deal with so the less reflective a surface the better.

In terms of color, the closer you can get to a pure Red, Green or Blue the better as these color will be picked up best by most cameras and provide the purest colors to filter against.


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