Path planning next waypoint distance
Vnik from Colombia  [13 posts]
13 year
Hello STeven,

I have replicated the path planning tutorial and works perfectly, but i desire to improve the program to make the movement of the robot more smooth. So i have decided to make that the lineal velocity of the robot will be proportional to the distance that remains to the next waypoint, the problem is that i don't know what is the value of the distance for next waypoint that the robot should visit.

It's there a way to know what is the value of the distance from the current position of the robot to the next waypoint?

Thanks in advance.
Anonymous 13 year

There wasn't but there is now. In the latest version you should now see a WAYPOINT_DISTANCE variable that indicates the distance from the robot to the next waypoint. Note that this is a straightline distance but should work for controlling speed.

Anonymous 13 year

Thanks a lot!
Right now i´m gonna prove it.

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