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Jonathan from Canada  [1 posts]
13 year
Hello roboreal users,

I've had a vex controller for awhile now, and besides a few power issues, it's great! But now I've moved on from simple robotics and onto AI systems, and I think it would be easier to use an object orientated language. Can you use vex for java, and if not, is there a controller that can?
Anonymous 13 year
What you are probably looking for is to use Java on your PC that can communicate remotely to the Vex as I've not seen anything that allows for Java to run on the Vex. There are probably some libraries that would provide that Java to Vex communication but we are not familiar with any directly.

Most of the MCU's that we know of either use C or a variant of it (Processing) or Basic (Basic Stamps). What you probably should look for is a tool that will take Java and compile it to the microcode that can run on the MCU. Most of the MCU's that use C or etc compile it to a binary format that runs on the MCU that is actually based on assembly language. So look for a compiler that can compile Java to the appropriate microcode and that should open up more possibilities than running Java directly on the MCU.


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