controling Stepper motor drivers
Ryan Schaefer from Canada  [2 posts]
14 year
First of all  RR is Great. I starting to Love this Software, it has so many possible applications.

My current project is a Robotic Sentry Gun. it will accept Nerf gun or Airsoft gun or Paintball Marker.  I am using Probotic Stepper motor drivers, they have two inputs  (One)  Step pulse   (Two) Direction.  I can control the outputs to run straight DC motors for this Turret but I can't figure out how to output a PWM for the Step Pin. Now I need this to change Frequency as the object is closer to the center of the cameras field of view.

If anybody can help :D   I have forgotten a lot of the programming I did know. and it seems RR is a little different then most languages.

Ryan Schaefer from Canada  [2 posts] 14 year
Also the Robo file is set for the DC motors that i need to modify to run these stepper motor drivers   Step and Dir Pins

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