How to work with unsupported camera's/ Genicam
Michel van de Vorst from Netherlands  [5 posts]
14 year
I have used Roborealm with great pleasure for a number of applications.

However, at this moment I want to use it together with uEye cameras and I couldn't  get it working with a uEye USB camera.

So I wonder, what could be the way to still get the image in Roborealm without using time intensive disk write/read picture formats?

When surfing the uEye site I discovered they and some other camera/vision guys too, use a standard known as Gen-i-cam. Any chance that Roborealm can work with this standard in future?
Danh from United States  [79 posts] 14 year
Do you have an application running on Windows that can display the uEye camera image? If so, you can us the screen capture function of Roborealm to get the image/video into Roborealm for processing.

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