using serial in roborealm
gundaji from India  [1 posts]
14 year
i am doing a project "robo soccer" using roborealm. i am using an IR TRANSMITER  and two robos with IR RECEIVERS. I am unnable to move two robos simultaneously.how can i solve the problem.how many times can i use the "serial" tool in a single program.
Anonymous from United Kingdom  [99 posts] 14 year
IR is tough with multiple receivers.  I have had limited success in using a different initialization from the transmitter to each receiver and then a checksum on the entire message.  This was in the context of simply having multiple IR beacons that I wanted to distinguish.  There is lots of cross talk on IR.  Another thing to try is use different carriers (IE 56 Khz and 38Khz) for the two receivers.  This will limit your bandwidth quite a bit since you transmitter will have to switch carriers and then rebroadcast a few times so the receiver can sync with it.  

The best answer is ditch IR and use bluetooth / RF (In that order of preference and inverse cost)  You will only have one serial port which goes to your control board.  Over the serial port, you will address each robot individually in the header of your serial message. Take a look at the FIRA website and search on some of the team descriptions to get some ideas.  

profmason @ plymouth UK national robot football champions :-)

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