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Greg from New Zealand  [2 posts]
13 year
Hi, I am running some image processing using 2 1280 x 960 cameras and needing the full 7.5 frames per second these cameras are outputting at. I have tried to optimise the modules as much as possible but am still needing more speed from somewhere. I've cropped the image to the minimum size possible but still can only get to around 3 frames per second.

The cameras are Imaging Source DBK41BF02 communicating via firewire 1394. The PC is a brand spanking new Intel Core i5 750 2.66GHz Quad core with only windows XP and roborealm installed.

One specific question is I see that Roborealm is only using one of the CPU cores.. task manager shows one core at 100% and the other 3 essentially idling.. giving a total consumption of 25%. Is there a way to distribute the processing amongst the rest of the cores and get more speed that way?

Thanks in advance
Anonymous 13 year

What you could do is to enable the multiple instance capability of RoboRealm (see Options button->Startup) and run two instances of RoboRealm one per camera ... while this will not utilize all CPUs it should at least occupy 2 at a time which would almost double the processing.

We are currently reviewing a technique that will allow RoboRealm to better scale to multi-core CPUs.

Just for our performance testing purposes are you able to share the robofile that you are using?


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