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I am very very new to using RoboRealm. I have been working with a group on a project for visually impaired users. We are building a robot that will use a camera to recognize objects and speak to the user.

We have been working with RoboRealm and changing settings and making it speak to us when it recognizes certain shapes.

My question is... How do you go about turning this into code? I have been going over an example API program trying to figure it out but I am not sure yet. Is there a tutorial that discusses how to turn these settings and options into a C++ program? We got it to output to a web server but we need to start coding.

Any help is appreciated. Positive feedback only please.
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Sorry, there is no real tutorial as yet.  I meant to write a tutorial on using python and the API, but am still buried in getting robots running!

First try to get Steven's example code running.  He goes through using the GetVariable and SetVariable commands as well as loading programs etc.  I find that if I setup the program in roborealm and then save it out as a robo(XML) file, I can then load that XML file into my program. (I use python but the ideas are the same)  Once you have Steven's example working, try loading in your own programs.  If you have the registered version, you can run Roborealm in faceless mode which means the user just sees the camera image OR nothing at all.  I typically use roborealm for doing all the visual processing up until I get some numbers out (moments, centers of gravity etc)  I then work with those in my program.    I also find that I tend to write back to roborealm to display vectors on my image etc.  As long as I am at it, I can use roborealm as my mouse handler and even a keyboard handler(a bit clunky)

You might also look at the work that Rud did in wrapping up the API a bit at:

If you want to distribute Roborealm as part of your application, you need to do some sort of OEM agreement with roborealm.(Not the expert here. this is something for Steven to clarify)   I have always just run it on one machine at a time.  I find that roborealm is an AWESOME prototyping tool and is tremendously helpful in developing vision techniques, even if you don't plan to use it in your final code release.  

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