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Jamal from United Kingdom  [3 posts]
14 year
Hi steven,

I have  calculated the angle between 3 object previously. The objects were moving. It was fine. However, now I have 6 moving objects. Let say A, B, C, D, E, F. I have used  RGB filter to distinguish all the objects for instance A(RGB filter Green), B (Yellow), C(Red), D(Magenta), E(Cyan), F(Blue). I want find the angle between ABC, BCD, CDE and so on. My problem is, it was so hard to distinguish these 6 objects using different color because the colors intensity seem so close for example (red versus magenta) and (green versus yellow).  When I used COG it did not stable. Keep changing.  How can I use one color only but  still can calculate the angle between objectA, objectB and object C, and so on. I tried to use blob tracking but did not successful. Kindly help me.

Vnik from Colombia  [13 posts] 14 year
Why don't you try to recogn object by blobs size?
Anonymous 14 year

Perhaps you could include an image with those 6 objects? Vnik is on the right track in terms of using other qualities to track the objects other than just color. Perhaps color could be one attribute, size another, shape another,etc until each object is uniquely defined. It seems that the right approach is to use the blob tracking but perhaps it doesn't work well with your image. Having something to test with would help you get a quicker and more reliable answer.


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