Circle detection
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Hi STeven,

I'm trying to detect a circular object in the attached video (middle right side), but the contrast is a bit low and it is proving a bit of a pain. Do you have any ideas on how to isolate it and get COG coordinates for it.

no sort.zip
Anonymous 14 year

Hmm, that is a very hard one. Even increasing the contrast does not allow us to reliably detect where the object is. It even took a while for us to realize what object you were referring to. At this point we don't have any suggestions or even thoughts on how to address that problem. This would be a situation where the hardware needs to improve to improve the imaging of the object. Normally we would ask for different lighting conditions (i.e. different lighting colors/directions/etc) that may help to pronounce the artifact a little better. Or perhaps there is a dye that can attach itself to that object (assuming we are looking at an organic substance here) that may better indicate its location. Other than that we would need to know a lot more about the project to suggest better imaging techniques ...


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