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14 year
why when i include RR_API.h and RR_API.cpp int my program, it will say

RR_API.cpp(1893) : fatal error C1010: unexpected end of file while looking for precompiled header. Did you forget to add '#include "stdafx.h"' to your source?

can anyone help...maybe i do wrong..but i dont know where.

i attach also the program, but not complete yet
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VC expects all compilation units to use the same precompiled headers by default. If you add stdafx.h to the top of the RR_API.cpp file it may<i/> compile without errors. The other option is to not use precompiled headers.  I say may<i/> because I don't do C++ in .NET framework so I may be missing something else.
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but when im include "stdafx.h" into RR_API.cpp it still have an error..
Anonymous  [29 posts] 14 year
now i'm using VC++ 2008 to do the API.
i'm use basic window form application in c++

but when i include the RR_API it occurs error. please anyone can help me

i include my program in zip file
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please anyone help me
Anonymous  [29 posts] 14 year
is it really must use VC++ win32 or VC MFC to do the API in VC++
Anonymous 14 year

You can get rid of that error by switching off using precompiled headers.

In vc 2005 Project->Properties->Configuration Prop->C/C++->Precompiled Headers. Just set Create/Use Precompiled Header to Not Using ...

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the API is going well, but when i'm use the setvariable function, nothing happen to the roborealm program.
i make it when push button, it will creat the variable at the roborealm program. but nothing happen

void CSample_API_AppDlg::OnBnClickedTestModule()
    RR_API rr;
    rr.open("c:\\Program File\\RoboRealm\\RoboRealm.exe",6060);

    if (!rr.connect("localhost"))
Anonymous  [29 posts] 14 year
sorry...now i know why it cannot been. the problem solved. by the way thanks

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