Serial Write Buffer Clearing
pablon from Poland  [11 posts]
13 year
I test serial communication RR with PLC. The PLC consumes data from RR.
Some times, in outbound serial buffer, RR leaves data, in amount that cannot be served by PLC.
Is there possibility to clear outbound serial buffer with use of VB script?
Maybe, is there any tip or trick to do this without script?

Of course I can do this with PLC program  but because of program construction it would be batter to use RR for this.

Anonymous 13 year

Just to clarify, the serial module is buffering data to be send to the PLC (most likely with a baud rate less than 115200) and what you need to do is prematurely cancel all data to be sent to the PLC using programmatic control?

So if we include a clear/cancel buffer in the serial module and allow a variable to trigger that function that would perform the functionality that you need?

Can you confirm this?

Note that it is also possible that some information will be buffered in hardware on the PC which will not be able to be cleared.


pablon from Poland  [11 posts] 13 year
Exactly I want to clear/cancel buffer in serial module. As far as it is possible to do with use of programming interface. So I need prematurely cancel data to be send to PLC.

Anonymous 13 year
Stop run robo file and start run  -seems to clear serial buffer.
I didn't find any VB Script solution for this issue.
Anonymous 13 year

A new trigger variable was added to the serial module. If you specify a variable and then at some point set its content to "clear" it will cause the serial module to clear all outgoing data.

Please download the latest RR version and hopefully this will help in your project.

pablon from Poland  [11 posts] 13 year
Many thanks!!
I appreciate it very much!

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