Rotating Image with a variable
Jonathan Morgan from United States  [5 posts]
13 years
I'd like to be able to rotate the image Roborealm receives from by camera by an angle stored in a variable that is continually updated via a VB script. The issue I've encountered is that Roborealm's "Rotate" module will only rotate an image if I manually set a rotation degree. Is there a module that exists or one that I can easily enough modify to change the image rotation based upon a value stored in a variable?

Anonymous 13 years
Use the same rotate module but use


where you would normally type in some degree. (This assume the custom radio button is selected).

The [variable] format can be used in many modules where you would normally just type in a number ... in fact you could even use [angle_to_rotate+3.1419] too. See


for more information.


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