DLL extension
14 year
The DLL swapcolors that comes with RR does not show under the extensions branch.
Is there something specific that I have to do to get it to show.
The DLL is in the plugins directory in the RR installation directory.
Anonymous 14 year
What is the installation folder that you used for RoboRealm?

The other item you can check is within the registry under


there should be an entry called Install_Dir which should point to the RoboRealm folder. That is what is used when locating the plugins i.e. that folder + /plugins should provide the full path.

Or are you running this over a network connection?

Anonymous 14 year
The registry seems to be in order as you describe.
What else could be the problem?
Anonymous 14 year
Could you download the latest version (we just made an update to help debug this) and run RoboRealm from the command line using the debug flag. I.e. use Windows Start Button->Run->cmd.exe and use

c:\program files\RoboRealm\RoboRealm.exe -debug

to run the application. Once it has started up, exit and send us the C:\roborealm.log file that it should have created. In that file it will indicate where is thinks the plugin folder is. That will help to debug this issue.


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