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Blaz from Slovenia  [6 posts]
14 year
I have a little problem... I am trying to find min_x and max_x value on a speciefied Y (for example COG_Y). I uploaded a picture where is drawn a red line between two points which are the global max_x and global min_x.
I would like to know the lokal max_x and lokal min_x.

In other words max_x and min_x
on y=COG_Y and draw the line between them.

Any suggestions?


Anonymous 14 year

Yes, you can use the edge probe to look along the Y line for the edges of the object. See the robofile below for a quick example using a test image.

Note that the trick is to use the [variable] expression in the edge probe GUI instead of a static number. This allows for dynamic configuration of GUI interfaces.

Blaz from Slovenia  [6 posts] 14 year
Thanks STeven!

Edge probe is the right thing. But I have an another problem... When you do the Edge Probe an you find two edges points. The position xy (of the points) is writen in an array PROBED_EDGES. I would like to use this values in some equations.

I tried this way, but is not the right way because I can not get the variables I need.

Dim point
ReDim point(2,2)

point(2,2) = GetArrayVariable("PROBED_EDGES")


SetVariable "Y1", y1
SetVariable "Y2", y2

The resoult is 0 for both...

Any Ideas?

Thank you in advance

Blaz from Slovenia  [6 posts] 14 year
Just a correction:

The result is not 0 is nothing (is empty)!

Anonymous 14 year

In your case try

points = GetArrayVariable("PROBED_EDGES")


SetVariable "Y1", y1
SetVariable "Y2", y2

or if you plan to use those values in other modules where typically one types in just a number for a shorthand try

[PROBED_EDGES:0] for the first element
[PROBED_EDGES:1] for the second, etc.

instead of the number that you would normally type in. The [] tell the module that it is a variable and an expression to be evalulated before the
actual number is used. So you can also use


if you'd like.


Blaz from Slovenia  [6 posts] 14 year
Thank you STeven!!!

I have tried this way before, but I made a stupid mistake....

I wrote points (with s) = GetArrayVariable("PROBED_EDGES")
and then

x1 = point (without s) (0) ....

And then I tought that is a problem of dimensions, etc..

OK Thank you for everthing!


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